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Ekalavya Hansaj talks about how he navigated around online bullying and responded to constructive criticism

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Sandra Sinclair recently spoke to Ekalavya Hansaj; the founder of Quarterly Global about how he navigated around online bullying, constructive criticism, industry trends in the marketing and advertising industry and what he looks for when hiring or working with someone. 

Here is the interview as it happened between Ekalavya Hansaj and our editor Sandra Sinclair

What tools or resources have helped you meet goals?

My Goal is to be recognized as a trusted and an indispensable IP based marketing and advertising solutions partner for the global giants who focus on premium deliveries within time, on time and every time. While inking my rather stressful journey of over 6 years, several tools helped me and are anticipated to help further in meeting our my goals including:


  • IP databases like Questel, Derwent Innovation, Innography, Darts-IP, etc.
    • WordPress – helped us launch several websites for our individual services quickly.
    • HubSpot – our customer relationship management tool.
    • In-house tools – for consumer sentiment ranking have helped me in creating value for my customers.

I have realized that when a company expands, tools only help if the teams are willing to learn and adopt those tools. Given that most external tools that I use have equivalent alternatives, in my opinion it boils down to the people using the tools.

How do you respond to constructive criticism?

As a comeback champion, I have a growth mindset. I respond to constructive criticism as follows:

  1. I am very open to internal as well as external ideas and evaluate all ideas / feedback given to me. I make it a point to improve based on the feedback.
  2. I have a regular process of seeking customer feedback and improving accordingly.
  3. Some of my clients and other players in the industry stated that my website was less user-friendly and did not appropriately represent the quality and scale of my services.  I took prompt action and made a significant investment to make it better.

Do you foresee any industry trends that could make a significant impact in society in 5 years’ time?

Yes, industry trends will certainly have a significant impact on the society in the next 5 years. Here’s what I foresee:

  • IP based marketing and advertising solution awareness amongst individuals and companies alike is increasing. AI-based tools that companies can themselves use for doing quick consumer sentiment searches and preparing initial drafts of campaign plans etc. are now available. Both these things will boost outreach of leading marketers, thereby leading to rise in innovation and increased empowerment of general public.
  • IP based marketing and advertising monetization will become easy and commoditized which will also help small business owners to make money out of their products and solutions.
  • Even in big Fortune 500 companies, the brilliant R&D professionals are not completely sensitized towards generating marketing and advertising based patents. A lot of work is being done in sensitization which will increase the innovation coming from big companies too. 
  • Additionally, AI + premium and manual delivery models for IP creation, management and monetization across the entire marketing and advertising departments of companies of all sizes will leave more budget for R&D which will also boost innovation.

What do you look out for when hiring/working with someone?

IP based marketing and advertising research/ consulting requires individuals from diverse backgrounds. I have been fortunate enough to be able to handpick 750+ excellent professionals in the team.

While hiring/ working with someone, I look for the following:

  1. Skills – First and foremost, I look for technical skills. In general, I reject almost 90% of applications (in the course of their interview process) as our standards are extremely high.
  2. Ambition – I like people who want to achieve something, create something. People who are not here for just the 9-to-5 job and salary but intend to contribute to the industry in a meaningful way. 

Lastly, openness and willingness to learn.

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