From dissecting electronics at the age of 7, checking cybersecurity at 13 years old, and becoming the CEO of an international digital advertising dynamo, Arham Muhammad now turns to AI and automation.

Arham Muhammad rose from a boyhood passion for electronics to founding an international digital advertising dynamo. After many other ventures, he now plans his take on artificial intelligence and automation.

From the age of 7, Arham Muhammad has been captivated by electronics. “I remember disassembling electronics. Discovering the inner working of a particular device was a great pastime,” noted Arham. “Then, between 12 and 15, I became increasingly interested in cybersecurity and cyber forensics, as well as reverse engineering.” At the age of 13, Arham was testing weaknesses in websites of some of the largest companies, such as Microsoft, Sony, and EA, to name a few. 

But his younger years were not all sunshine and roses. Arham had a troubled childhood, with separated parents and little money for his family to live on, as well as some more traumatic memories from the years of living in poverty. Arham also had to deal with chronic illness and dropping out of school. Fortunately, he did not let this hinder his hope for the future. “I just knew that the life I was living, was not the life I wanted to live,” said Arham.

At 20, Arham ventured into the world of digital platforms, which were on the rise in 2012. His idea was to use the influence of celebrities and public figures and grow and diversify their reach. With a science background from his unfinished schooling, Arham had no sales experience or knowledge of the industry, but he had to start somewhere. He began by sending out cold emails and making cold calls to find clients for his new business. “I learned that you don’t have to be skilled at everything, just willing to put in hard work,” said Arham. “You need real courage to surmount challenges, and when you have nothing to lose, courage is all you really have.”

This resilience brought him success, as the business began netting $20k – $30k daily. When the revenue became over $100k a day, Arham could have slowed down, but knowing that his business had more potential, he kept going. It became an international digital advertising dynamo, with a 9-figure revenue and some of the biggest A-list celebrities and public figures as clients.

“I never thought I would be a multi-millionaire by the age of 24, which I’m still proud of today,” noted Arham. By 2016, he had built up not only that business but many other ventures too. While they were not all successful, he continued to grow, learning from them and even enjoying the failures, “… though that might sound cliché,” commented Arham.

Currently, Arham has branched out into automating the direct-response advertising aspect of his businesses so he can focus more on other business ventures and self-growth. In his spare time, he has become invested in the planning and development of large automation tools and artificial intelligence, which he believes is the next ground-breaking development in the digital industry.

“I was just a nobody from Pakistan, completely broke at one point in my life and stuck in a cycle of despair and destitution, but as the saying goes, the harder you work the luckier you get,” finished Arham. Coming from 20- to 22-hour working days to 9-figure monthly revenue, his work ethic has been and still is something to be in awe of. 

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